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Ever thought about having Brazilian hair removal? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

1. Does it hurt? Yes but the pain is brief and not as bad as you think. Take an Advil an hour before your appointment and don't book the week before your period. Most people find it uncomfortable but not painful. Regular treatments every 4 weeks greatly reduces discomfort. The results are worth it.

2. How much growth do I need? A quarter inch at least.

3.  How long does it take for hair to grow 1/4 inch?  It varies from person to person.  A week is enough time for most people but I have seen clients with that much  growth at 3 days and some that take 3 weeks!

4. Do I have to trim before I come in? No. If the hair is too long I will trim it.

5. Why do you use sugaring instead of waxing? Sugar paste is all natural and made of only 3 ingredients: sugar, lemon juice, and water. Because it is water soluble any stickiness is wiped away with water unlike waxes which can leave you uncomfortably stuck together. Hair is extracted in the direction of growth which means less distortion of the hair follicle (less irritation, less ingrowns, less hair breakage). All of the skin prep and antiseptic sprays are all natural too!

6. How much experience do you have? I perform more brazilians than any other service. I have been sugaring since 2008.

7. What is the difference between bikini and brazilian? Bikini line sugaring removes all hair that would be visible outside a standard bikini bottom*  You keep your underwear on for this service because I use it as a guide. Brazilian removes all pubic hair from the mons, labia, and from between the buttocks* Underwear is not worn for this service.

     *within 2 inches outside of the bikini line.  If you want hair removed beyond this (ie. thighs, buttocks) extra time and products are required and will incur additional fees.

8. Do you perform male brazilian? No. I do not have the training to do this service. All other hair removal services are available to men.

9. What about ingrown hairs? This is a possibility but ingrowns are less frequent with sugaring as compared to waxing. I carry effective aftercare products and will advise you as to their use.

10. Will it grow back thicker? NO! In fact sugaring usually leads to hair reduction and finer hair. People love the results. You will never want to shave again!

12. How often should I get this done? Every 4 weeks is ideal. It hurts much less and often leads to hair reduction.

11. How long does the appointment take? Expect to be here for about half an hour.

12. How much does it cost? $62 plus HST

13. What if I have my period? We will reschedule your appointment.

14. Can I sugar/wax while I am pregnant? Even full brazilian? Yes, although you might find it more sensitive

15.  Is there an age limit? You must be at least 16 years old to have brazilian sugaring.

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